The Black & White

Dear Teachers, Please Stop Shaking My Hand

Ryan Woods shakes the hand of a student as they walk in. Seconds after this photo was taken, he approached me for a handshake and I subsequently dropped my phone.
September 21, 2017

Along with the grand opening of our new school faculty has decided to change the atmosphere in which we learn. Teachers and administration want to give us a warm welcome every morning by greeting each...

Teacher organizes outdoor learning center by new high school

The prairie and retention pond are located on the southwest side of the new high school. The land is planned to be fully functional within the next three years.
June 1, 2017

AP Biology teacher Sara Kate Howe plans to create a science space at the new high school by getting a grant to make the land a prairie. The retention pond and land on the southwest corner of the property...

Students risk futures at parties

Students risk futures at parties
April 24, 2017

Music plays throughout the house and dancing ensues, all of the sudden bright red and blue lights and blaring sirens fill up the room. Cops busting a party is just another risk for any teen party-goer. Students...

Students enlist for a future in the military

Alvin Chen '18 poses for a picture in his National Guard uniform. Chen is focusing on a business career with the military being a plan B.
March 24, 2017

Scattered throughout the school year are days when the National Guard come and visit P.E. classes. Some students may just think of them as regular days, but others, find that it's something they really...

Best Buddies holds fro-yo fundraiser

Jared Peterson '17 (left), John Kyhl '(center), and Alyssa Noe '17 (right), hang out at Orange Leaf to raise money for Best Buddies. The fundraiser took place Jan 31.
February 2, 2017

The high schools' Best Buddies chapter, part of a nation-wide organization where students can connect with their classmates with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD's), spent the evening...

Teacher honors students in service

Teacher honors students in service
December 19, 2016

Down the hall from the cafeteria and next to the trophy cases, is the birthplace of Eagles' Heroes, an all metal tribute, from a teacher to his former students in public safety. Many of the students have...

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