The Black & White

Green guest joins cafeteria

Niki Ferguson, Staff Writer May 12, 2013

Walking through the salad bar this week, students may have noticed a new item available. Green onions made an appearance on Thurday, May 9. "We do catering through this kitchen," kitchen manager Boe...

Counselor leaves for Ankeny

Niki Ferguson, Staff Writer April 4, 2013

Audrey Bell has been a counselor for special cases, after eight years of being employed at Johnston. Now, she will be switching over to Ankeny to advise their students. “Personally, it will be really...

Bear arms or bare arms?

Niki Ferguson, Staff Writer April 4, 2013

When I hear about all the shootings that have happened, whether they were at schools or movie theaters or wherever, I always put it into my own perspective. What would happen if the shooting was at...

Horizon Elementary acquires new security

Niki Ferguson, Staff Writer March 4, 2013

The high school is not the only building in the district to be putting new security measures in place. Horizon Elementary now has a different procedure for visitors. "The doors are open from 8:35 to...

Coach Shari Walling sets out buckets every practice for any boys who happen to vomit during a set. These buckets were used often during the week the boys became sick.

Swimming through sickness

Niki Ferguson, Staff Writer December 17, 2012

Looking back at the past few weeks of practice, there was something missing. The coaches were there, the lane ropes were in, kickboards and pull-buoys set out, but not as many. The spaces of open water...

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