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Bergstrom wins Drake title

Taylor Joens, Staff Writer May 2, 2013

Sophomore Jack Bergstrom took the 400 hurdles title at the Drake Relays on Saturday. Bergstrom finished with a time of 52.9, his personal best. The 104th annual Drake Relays took place April 24-28....

Try a healthier caffeine routine

Taylor Joens, Staff Writer April 5, 2013

What most people do not understand is they are actually hooked to the caffeine in drinks, not the drink itself. When people claim they can not function without their morning cup of coffee, they are really...

In grading, the plus and minus count

In grading, the plus and minus count

Taylor Joens, Staff Writer March 8, 2013

The difference between an A+ and an A- is night and day. From 70% to 80%, from 80% to 90%, and most of all from 90% to 100% there is a gap that proves survival of the fittest and shows who really excels. Most...

Snow day rumors abound

Taylor Joens, Staff Writer February 21, 2013

There has been quite a bit of talk about the possibility of a snow day coming up. "If we have nine inches of snow, the probability of of the road crews being able to clear side streets is low, therefore...

YouTube access on iPad proposed

Taylor Joens, Staff Writer February 5, 2013

Discussion of opening the iPad filter has been postponed until the iPad rollout is officially complete. "We know it will be a conversation we have to have, but we don't know yet for sure," Ann Wiley...

Johnston's Big Give gives to new places

Johnston’s Big Give gives to new places

Taylor Joens, Staff Writer December 13, 2012

Approximately five years ago, an idea of a “Week of Giving”  was started by student council. Little did they know the success that it would soon bring to the Johnston community. Johnston’s Big...

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