The Black & White

Life on a farm

The Williamson family's cows roam the pasture at their farm near Indianola. Junior Jordan Williamson said that the cows are gentle animals, but they can be skittish around people.

Caroline Quinn, Staff Writer

November 13, 2014

Living in Iowa, residents are aware of the abundance of farmland. There are over 92,000 farms in Iowa, but as of 2010, only 750 are in Polk County. As a result, only few students, are aware of what it is really like to live on a farm. The ones that do have fun stories to tell. Junior Jordan Williamson's family ha...

Changes in the library

Senior Gillian KolostaneWren checks into the library to study during seventh period. The new checkout system requires students to scan their lanyards when entering and leaving  the library instead of filling out check in and check out sheets.

Caroline Quinn, Staff Writer

October 14, 2014

When a student comes into the library this year, instead of being faced with a sheet to fill out, students now only have to scan their lanyards at a check-in scanner. This new system was brought to the library by the new librarian, Ruth Thoreson. Until she became the high school librarian, Thoreson wa...