The Black & White

Students compete in National History Day

Allie Tubbs '19 accepts her award at the National History Day competition. She performed well and advanced to State with her performance.
June 1, 2017

Allie Tubbs '19 made it to nationals for the first time for National History Day doing a performance.  She tried NHD after watching her brother do it, and ended up falling in love with it herself....

Importance of sleep

Justin Gard sleeps through individual work time during class. This is a common occurence in most classes throughout the day.
April 24, 2017

  Sleeping is a basic human need, just like eating, drinking and breathing. It is pretty hard to get an exact amount of sleep. But if you do not get the right amount multiple nights in a row,...

Cryotherapy: scary at first, amazing after

Cryotherapy: scary at first, amazing after
March 24, 2017

  There are so many different forms of therapy, each best suited for different problems. Cryotherapy isn't very common in Iowa, but it does exist. There's a location in West Des Moines that...

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