The Black & White

An example of what has prevented Nolan DePover from doing with all the amount of times that he has broken his arm is they way his arm can be positioned as shown. Nolan DePover has broken his right arm a total of five times and can only rotate to a 90 degree angle.

One in 1500: Nolan DePover

Esmeralda Flores, Staff writer April 21, 2015

With stories about dunking over a seven foot athlete, climbing Mount Everest and dreams of being the president of the United States, sophomore Nolan DePover admits that none of these are true, though...

Sophomore Tallie Kerr works on an assignment in Integrated Language Arts (ILA) while watching a video about Nazi Germany in class. Kerr is a dedicated to her studies and is known by friends and family as being hard-working, funny and outgoing.

One in 1500: Tallie Kerr

Hannah Crooks, Staff Writer March 5, 2015

Two years ago, sophomore Tallie Kerr and close friend, sophomore Maddie Mehls took a church trip to Valleyfair, an amusement park in Minnesota. They stayed overnight in a hotel and had intended to turn...

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