Growing Up, Feeling Down

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

These past couple weeks have been difficult for me, I have had to do so many “adult” things. It is reminding me that I am growing up, and becoming an adult. And I am scared.

First, good news, I got my car fixed after three years and I have finally been able to drive to school. I felt so empowered and I truly felt older when I drove alone for the first time. I got to experience the sense of freedom that everyone talks about when driving. However, this experience was bittersweet as it was in the shadow of the death of a family pet. We were getting ready to go pick up my car and I noticed my guinea pig was not doing well.

My guinea pig, Piggy as my sixth grade self named him, had health issues for a long time but they were not severe. However, that day he got really sick. He stopped eating and was barely moving around anymore. The chubby animal had lost pretty much all it’s weight in a matter of days. So my family and I decided it was time to put him to rest. I was heartbroken, as it was mainly my decision because he was my pet, and I took care of him.

Some might say it is not a big deal, it is just the circle of life but I was bawling. This guinea pig had been a constant in my life since sixth grade. He was my first pet, that I solely took care of. He was my responsibility. His death makes me think of Hedwig’s passing from Harry Potter. Jk Rowling specifically wrote her off as a symbolism to the end of Harry’s childhood. Piggy was my Hedwig. He taught me responsibility and companionship, and I loved him with all my heart.

As I look back at my teenage life, it is going by fast. It is practically half way over, already. These events have really led me to put my life into perspective and I feel like everyone should just take a step back as well. Take a second to breathe. You should acknowledge the growth and accomplishments you have made in your life before moving on to the bigger and better things. The growth this situation has given me, I feel like has taught me one of the hard lessons everyone needs to learn. I am growing up but I need to appreciate what I have done, and the experiences I have had as well as look forward.