The Black & White

2019-2020 Staff

Cameron DeRoos

Photo Editor

Cameron DeRoos is a Senior and this is his second year on the newspaper staff. Cameron is a member of the Brain trust a collection of highly intelligent beings who control a shadow government that actually runs the newspaper....

Kylie Emery

Online Editor

Kylie is a junior who loves dancing, writing, sleeping, making bad puns, and Arnold Palmers. She is a firm believer that they are the best drink and no one can convince her otherwise. In her free time, she's most likely procrastinating...

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher

Copy Editor

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher is in her third semester on newspaper staff. She spends her life in the band room and typically wastes away from starvation because she has C-Lunch.

Akshaya Kumar

Staff Writer

Akshaya Kumar is simultaneously nervous and relieved to be a senior. She is typically debating current issues on the debate team, dealing with legal jargon from Mock Trial, or dancing at a Bharatanatyam practice. If not, she can...

Jay Marren

Staff Writer

Jay Marren is a junior who heavily involves himself in the Drama Department. He is also one of the current club leader for FX Makeup Club. One warning, if he hears any homophobia around he will chop you in the throat. He also...

Parker Anderson

Staff Writer

Parker is a junior and this is her second year on the newspaper staff. She dislikes the picture taken of her but Marandah said it was Gucci. In her free time she participates in student council, silvercord, and dance. She is an...

Ciaran Rigby

Staff Writer

Ciaran Rigby is a Sophomore first year in newspapers in her free time you can find her at the softball fields or doing more softball or maybe on the rare occasion her math homework she loves drinking juice boxes and eating applesauce.

London Heim

Staff Writer

London Heim is a sophmore, it's her first year in newspaper, and is too obsessed with the color yellow so much that she might as well be the speed bups. She is also a Tiktoker and is slowly transforming into a VSCO girl even though...

Zach Kehoe

Staff Writer

Zach Kehoe is a sophomore. He is in his first semester of Newspaper. He is involved in soccer and swim team. He enjoys spending his free time not doing school work....

Noah Gilbert

Staff Writer

Noah Gilbert is a sophomore staff writer, he enjoys singing and sleeping. He ask you to disregard his photo, they won't let him change it.

Hoa Ly

Staff Writer

Hoa Ly is a sophomore who likes to waste all her money. She's also a big Jane and Michael shipper. She spends all her time in her car driving everywhere and wastes her gas. She also hates chocolate with a passion.

Nolan Akins

Staff Writer

This is Nolan Akins everyone confuses me for Nolan Mitchell cause there both me but it's a long story. Other then that I like football and other sports, hanging out with friends on a friday night, and any food from a convenience...

Max Wilson

Staff Writer

Max Wilson is a senior, and a passionate outdoorsman, competitive shooter and car guy. He is always researching new places to hunt, fish and looking for deals on cars and parts.   

Leven Petersen

Staff Writer

Leven Petersen is a Junior and this is his first semester on the Newspaper Staff. He likes to annoy the entire staff but he always is smiling.

Lily Simpson

Staff Writer

Lily is a Sophomore in her first year of newspaper, snd she loves it! Some of her hobbies include swimming, painting, and safely smelling scented markers.

Ainsley Procter

Staff Writer

Ainsley Proctor is a sophomore who enjoys spouting random, useless trivia, making everything extremely difficult for everyone, and spacing off during class. If you think they will ever take their earbuds out, you are sorely mistaken,...

Teja Jetty

Staff Writer

Teja Jetty is a Junior and this is his first semester in Newspaper. He spends the majority of his time doing unproductive nonsense. When he’s is not doing that you can find him playing tennis or eating junk food.

Stella Zeng

Staff Writer

Stella is a senior and this is her first year in newspaper. She enjoys playing the string bass, jazz, and building robots. In her free time she can be found doing puzzles or hiking.

Nathan Metzger

Staff Writer

Nathan Metzger is a Senior and it’s his first year staff. While he doesn’t go outside much, the exceptions are for school, skating, or going to get food. Be cautious when approached by him because he may be too honest, not spari...

Matthew Hickman

Staff Writer

Matthew is a sophomore and in his first year of newspaper. He enjoys watching youtube, playing video games and spending time with his family....

Kaya Young

Staff Writer

Kaya Young is a senior who always has turf in her shoes and makes pun-bearable jokes.  In her free time she enjoys gardening, reading, and running.

Ethan Le

Staff Writer

Ethan Le is a sophomore that’s spends most of his time jamming out on the guitar. He loves music and art, and having a good conversation with people. This is his first time being apart of the newspaper staff and it’s not...

Emily Irlbeck

Staff Writer

Emily Irlbeck is a sophomore on her first semester of newspaper. When she isn’t listening to country music or watching Netflix, she can be found draining her bank account on potato oleys at the Taco John’s drive thru....

Define Mansour

Staff Writer

Define Mansour is a sophomore whose favorite pastimes include listening to music and looking at pictures of other people’s pets. She is an avid cat lover and does her homework last minute in study hall. On the rare occasion th...

Collin Minear

Staff Writer

Collin Minear is Senior in Newspaper. When he is not at school, he enjoys working and sleeping.

Alex Heron

Staff Writer

Alex Heron is a sophomore who is incredibly obsessed with television and movies. If they could spend all day everyday watching Degrassi, they would. If you insult their favorite character they will hunt you down. Alex also loves...

Savannah Dennis

Staff Writer

Savannah Dennis is a junior in her first year on the newspaper staff. When she isn’t busy with school or schoolwork, you will likely find her on the baseball field where she manages the varsity team. Be careful when discussin...

Avery Heun

Staff Writer

Avery Heun is a sophomore and this is her first semester on staff. She enjoys swimming and show choir. Her friends call her a “coffee addict”, but they are not wrong.  ...

Sabrina McGuire

Staff Writer

Sabrina is a sophomore and this is her first year on the staff. She speaks fluent dad jokes and is often caught laughing at her own puns. Most of her time is spent bingeing anything on Netflix she can get her hands on, or falling...

Liz Jones

Content Manager

Liz is a senior just starting her third semester of newspaper. She joined newspaper on a whim, but ended up having fun. Liz is already feeling the struggles of senior year, but consoles herself with books and television shows....

Caroline Christensen

Content Manager

Caroline Christensen is a senior and this is her second year in newspaper. When she is not working or snuggling with her dog, you can find her doing old lady things like baking cookies, not understanding social media, and doing...

Charlie Pattinson

Social Media Manager/Staff Writer

Charlie Pattinson is a senior and is in his second year on the Black and White. When Charlie isn’t at school, you can typically find him at home procrastinating and mindlessly scrolling his twitter feed (@vikehawkcharlie). He...

Taylor Siebert

Design Editor

Hi I'm Taylor Siebert and a senior, crazy right? This is my third semester of making words on a page look pretty. You can find me anytime in Shipp's room or at home on the couch watching Netflix with a cup of apple cider in hand....

Brooklyn Dilley

Print Editor

Brooklyn Dilley is a senior who actually functions best when she's drowning in a pile of responsibilities. She seems antisocial and awkward when you first meet her, but if she warms up to you she literally will never shut up. She...

Payton Blahut

Staff writer

This is Payton's second year on staff. She mainly does design so if you see any writing of her's it's a rarity. In their free time she does things for the school's drama department like making every single prop.

Ethan Ung

Staff Videographer

Ethan Ung is a senior who shouldn't be a senior. His accomplishments have been being allowed to be behind the wheel of a car, watching ALL of the emoji movie, and somehow joining newspaper to only do video.