The Black & White

2018-2019 Staff

Andrew Maresca


Andrew Maresca is a senior and it is his fourth semester on staff. He is a clumsy coffee addict who likes to believe his life is as put together as his instagram account (@andrew.maresca). He enjoys avoiding responsibilities and...

Obsee Abbajabal

Print Editor

Obsee (pronounced either ōb-say or ob-$lay) is a senior and is on her third semester on staff. She particularly likes people that say her name correctly on their first try, but don't worry - she'll make you learn it right. Although...

Ada Basic

Online Editor

Ada Basic is a junior who loves to stay up unreasonably late binge watching crime shows on Netflix. As a result she runs purely on caffeine and believes that life is too short to drink crappy coffee. She gets road rage walking...

Brooklyn Dilley

Story Editor

Brooklyn Dilley is a junior who enjoys sleeping, Netflix, and procrastinating homework. She is the most antisocial and awkward person you will ever meet, and changes her mind constantly. It's her second year on the Black &...

Taylor Siebert

Feature Editor

Taylor Siebert is a junior who spends her days writing, debating, and watching entirely too much television. What she lacks in common sense she makes up for in book smarts. She is also trying to break her habit of asking dumb qu...

Evan Newcomb

Sports Editor

This is Evan Newcomb, he is a senior and he has been here for a little while (4 semesters, 5 by time he graduates). He has a passion for sports like no other and could probably talk about sports from the moment he wakes up to wh...

Siri Mandava

Staff Writer

Joel Kellar

Staff Writer

Charlie Pattinson

Staff Writer

Charlie Pattinson is a junior and is in his first year on the Black and White. When Charlie isn’t at school, you can typically find him at home procrastinating and mindlessly scrolling his twitter feed (@vikehawkcharlie). He is ...

Kaylee Ross

Staff Writer

Kaylee Ross is a junior, and it’s her first semester on staff and at JHS. Sometimes she can be quiet, but believe it or not she’s a pretty crazy person.Most of the time you will find her day dreaming.And her obsessions are...

Ben Pegg

Staff Writer

Ben is a junior at Johnston high school, who is currently in his first year with the B&W. He enjoys watching Stranger Things, Boy Scouts and playing Dungeons and Dragons. If you can't find him, he's probably writing something....

Duncan Christakos

Staff Writer

Duncan Christakos is a junior in high school. When he’s not at school, you might find him playing video games, building robots on FIRST Tech Challenge team T.H.O.R., or on Friday afternoons and Sundays, working at the Johnsto...

Jacob Marren

Staff Writer

Jacob Marren is a sophmore staff writer for JHS Black and White. Jacob participates in activities like Concert Choir, GSA, Theatre, Speech and Debate, and Large Group Speech. Jacob also enjoys drawing and writing third person.

Cameron DeRoos

Staff Writer

Cameron is a junior at JHS high school he is 5’11 has brown hair and blue eyes. Cameron swims, golfs but he isn't really good at either but enjoys them anyway. He also is a lifeguard at summit middle school where he teaches ...

JD Norris

Staff Writer

JD Norris is a Senior who loves her two golden retrievers, Kyne and Bentley, and cannot function without having 2 cups of coffee in the mornings. She loves to read, but has to read more than two books at a time, since she gets...

Parker Anderson

Staff Writer

Parker Anderson is a Sophomore and this is her first semester on the Newspaper Staff. She participates in dance and watching lots and lots of Netflix. She spends most of her time out of school with friends.

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher

Staff Writer

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher is a Sophomore and this is her first semester on Newspaper. She is very involved in band and in her opinion, it’s very cool. If you tell her different she will be mad. She also loves Netflix and books.

Kara Green

Staff Writer

Kara Green has been working in the JHS journalism department for two years and this year will be her third. She also participates in swimming, theater, speech, choir, color guard, science olympiad, co-runs Drama Club, and participates...

Riley Anderson

Staff Writer

Riley is an adventurous person who is very energetic. She is an elephant in a glass room sometimes but when she isn't being clumsy, she loves to read and write. Riley loves to paint, draw and create. She's very active person who...

Akshaya Kumar

Staff Writer

Akshaya Kumar is a junior who wishes she was back in elementary school. She is a member of the debate team and does Mock Trial. When she’s not arguing with people about current issues or in a courtroom, she enjoys playing piano...

Connor Tomlinson

Staff Writer

Connor Tomlinson is a senior just trying to finish school. In his spare time you can find him taking your order at the local MickeyD’s next to price chopper, absolutely loving his wonderful job that doesn’t have awful pay...

Payton Blahut

Staff Writer

Payton is a sophomore at JHS and this is her first year on the newspaper team. At school you can often find her day dreaming, or stressing about little details that really shouldn’t be stressed about. Payton is also a Taurus ...

Caroline Christensen

Staff Writer

Caroline is currently a junior and this is her first year in newspaper. She enjoys jazz, raspberry lemonade, and napping. When she is not reading or watching old sit-coms, you can find her endlessly scrolling Youtube or Pinterest.

Annie Culbert

Staff Writer

Annie Culbert is a sophomore at Johnston High School. She is involved in cross country, show choir, Best Buddies, We the People, Students for Change, tennis, and the school musical. In what little remains of her free time, she...

Kylie Emery

Staff Writer

Kylie is a sophomore and this is her first semester on staff. She enjoys dance and making bad puns. Kylie often procrastinates by binge watching her favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy, on Netflix and most likely likes your dog more...

Paul Heggen

Staff Writer

This is Paul Heggen a senior and this is his first year in Newspaper. All he has to say is Go Johnston Golf! And that the Green bay Packers is the best Football team of all time. Ever. Ever forever. Always .  This has been...

Liz Jones

Staff Writer

Elizabeth is a junior who just joined newspaper and is hoping her rampant love of books and TV shows will help her write just positively perfect articles. However she will probably just write random geeky jokes and be sad that...

Tate Larsen

Staff Writer

This is Tate Larsen. He is a sophomore and in his first semester on newspaper staff. Some people are saying, dang, that’s a sophomore and he has all that hair on his face. Yes, he does. He is a down to earth person and likes...

Sophie Longo

Staff Writer

Sophie Longo is a sophomore at Johnston High School. She is generally considered the “old lady” of her friend group, as her hobbies include reading, baking, going to bed at a reasonably early hour (normally 8:30), and binge ...

Karla Lopez

Staff Writer

This is Karla Lopez and she is a 17 year old senior. She may come across as a shy girl but once you get to know her better, you’ll see how crazy she actually is. She is very protective of her family and friends and anything...

Ashley Marsh

Staff Writer

Jenna Olson

Staff Writer

Jenna is a sophomore at Johnston High School. She is a strong believer of good sleep schedules. She's a Hufflepuff but Pottermore says she's a Gryffindor. She's not a Gryffindor. Her hobbies include: sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,...

Julia Richards

Staff Writer

Julia Richards is a senior and it is her very first semester on staff. She absolutely loves football, especially the Green Bay Packers (as seen by her sweatshirt), and aspires to be a sports analyst in her near future. Julia’s...

Erina Lee

Staff Writer

Erina Lee is a short Junior student with a coke [...the drink] and coffee addiction. She'll spend her nights watching Riverdale and Law & Order on Netflix. If you spot her in the halls, only if, then she's probably being knocked...

Colt Smallwood

Staff Writer

Colt Smallwood is a Johnston Senior. He likes punk rock, snakes, and making cookies.

Jacob Kim

Staff Writer

Jacob is a senior who has been on newspaper for three semesters. He is high-key a beast, and there are few that compare.

Ethan Ung

Staff Videographer