Top Tips for New Drivers

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

Within the past month I have finally started driving to school. I have had my school permit for a while, but my car only recently got fixed and is drivable. However, I still consider myself a new driver and found a few things I think should be shared for other new drivers.

Number 1: What to do when parking.

I cannot park for the life of me. I struggle with it severely. However, the high school already has larger parking spaces so that makes it easier, but when I park I pull through the first parking space into the one behind, so I can park straighter and it is easier to get out out of the spot later. This has helped me on multiple occasions.

Number 2: Driving alone.

When you drive alone I feel like there is overall less pressure to worry about doing things right or wrong. If you go a little slow you would not be called out on it, or if you forget your signal a few times. You just learn your own style of driving when you are alone and you really get a feel for how to do it.

Number 3: How to avoid traffic.

When I started driving a couple weeks ago I wanted to stay as far away from traffic as I could. I found leaving home earlier and leaving school later was my best option. I left my house around 6:45 am and got to the school a little before seven. You get to avoid traffic and a get a good parking spot. Then, after school I found a classroom to hangout in before actually leaving around 3:10 pm, when most of the lot has cleared out.

Finally, you have the little stuff like remembering to turn off your headlights, and sunglasses for sunny weather. Forgetting to turn off your headlights is a common factor in dead batteries in the school lot. However, if the problem does arise always call your parents and ask what to do. And driving with sunglasses is also just easier, as it shields the sun and you can see better.

These little tips have gotten me through my few weeks of driving and I would say I am doing pretty well, except when it comes to parking.