1/23/2023 Board Meeting

Allison Christensen, News-Brief Editor

On Monday, January 23, the 2023-2024 academic calendar was approved during the monthly school board meeting.

JCSD communications sent out an email following the board meeting to notify the district of the new schedule, which includes the elimination of one-hour early outs on Wednesday’s and the implementation of more “full-day professional development days throughout the year.”

The email stated, “Some teachers advocated for the change, saying they would get more benefit from full-day professional development days, instead of one hour after school each Wednesday.”

According to JCSD communications, “The decision on the academic calendar followed a public hearing, as well as a survey taken last month of the district’s more than 1,000 staff members.”

Junior Akshara Eswar believes the change will ultimately be beneficial, “There’s more time for people to have their club meetings and such.” Eswar continues, “Plus if it gives us extra days off of school. I’m definitely not going to complain.”