The Black & White

2020-2021 Staff

Noah Gilbert

Photo Editor

Noah Gilbert is a junior, and this is his second year on staff. Gilbert is going through a bit of an identity crisis right now because he spent all of last year being a thorn in our past Dictator-in-chief’s side. Now that...

Kylie Emery

Online Editor

Kylie is a senior and this is her third year on staff. When she is not dancing, working out, sleeping, and spending time with friends, you will most likely find her avoiding responsibilities by binge watching crime shows and G...

Ayden Lyon

Staff Writer

Ayden Lyon is a junior in his first year of newspaper. He runs cross country and works at Bomgaars....

Micheal Wesseh

Staff Writer

Michael Wesseh is a sophmore is his first semester on the newspapers staff.

breadon Layman

Staff Writer

Breadon Layman is a sophomore and this is his first year on the news team.

Lily Fredericks

Staff Writer

Lily Fredericks is a sophomore, this is her first year doing newspaper. In her free time she will usually be hanging out with her friends, eating, or snuggling with her cat named Kiwi. She also binge watches a lot of shows on...

Ciaran Rigby

Staff Writer

Ciaran Rigby is Junior in her second year of newspaper. She loves juice boxes and drinks at least three a day. She is a ginger with a soul unlike the rumors. You can find her doing everything but her newspaper work.

Theron Luett

Staff Writer

Theron Luett is a sophomore who usually has no idea what she’s doing half of the time. She loves art, music, and baking bread in quarantine....

Matthew Hickman

Staff Writer

Matthew Hickman is a junior in his second year of newspaper. When he is not at school he likes to listen to music and play video games....

Ty Roberts

Staff Writer

Ty Roberts is a senior and this is his first year on The Black & White staff. He spends his time writing, recording, and producing new music every week to keep a fresh creative pallet, therefore, all of his writing pertai...

Laila Hasanovic

Staff Writer

Laila Hasanovic is a sophomore, and her first year of newspaper is enjoyable so far. When she's not in school, she's either binging a Netflix show or baking random pastries while procrastinating her schoolwork and putting off h...

Alyvia Jensen

Staff Writer

Alyvia Jensen is a sophomore, and this is her first year in newspaper. When she’s not in school, she’s playing softball for Iowa Blitz, eating food, binging Netflix shows, or procrastinating about whether or not to do home...

Nathan Anderson

Staff Writer

Nathan Anderson is a junior in his first year of Newspaper. He keeps busy as a football player, sprinter, and is also a member of Johnston Innovation show choir. He enjoys fishing in his free time and has spent a small fortune...

London Heim

Staff Writer

London Heim is a junior and this is her second year on the news paper staff. She loves the color pink and loves to watch anime which takes up her free time along with TikTok and the many late assignments she has that she refuses...

Daphine Mansour

Staff Writer

Define Mansour is a junior and this is her second year on staff. Her favorite pastimes include listening to music and hanging out with friends. She is an avid animal lover and enjoys working with children. On the rare occasi...

Addison Etnier

Staff Writer

Addison Etnier is a senior in her first year of newspaper. She is involved in several activities including choir. Her hobbies include drawing and knowing too much about Star Wars and superheroes...

Abby Lehan

Staff Writer

Abby Lehan is a Sophomore, and it’s her first year in newspaper. She likes writing, drawing, and playing ukulele. ...

Charles Pruett-Shillak

Staff Writer

Charles is a senior, and this is his second year involved in Newspaper. He plans on attending the University of Iowa under a double major for business management and cinema. Outside of academics, Charles participates in wrestl...

Ethan Le

Staff Writer

Ethan Le is a junior, and this is his second year in newspaper. He loves to spend most of his time playing guitar, going to the gym, and eating. He’s not a very good writer but can do art. He likes to have a good conversation wi...

Jay Marren

Staff Writer

Jay Marren is a senior, and this is his third year on news staff. They heavily involve themself in Show Choir, JHS Color Guard, and the Drama Department. They are also one of the current club leaders for FX Makeup Club. One warning...

Sabrina Mcguire

Staff Writer

Sabrina McGuire is a junior in her second year on the newspaper staff. She enjoys writing, sleeping, and binge watching random shows on Netflix. When she isn’t working or juggling school homework, you can usually find her hanging out with friends, cuddling her two lovely dogs, or sleeping. ...

Olivia Frantum

Staff Writer

Olivia Frantum is a sophomore, and this is her first year in newspaper. When she isn’t at school, she’s usually at the pool, hanging out with her friends, or taking a nap...

Zach Kehoe

Staff Writer

Zach Kehoe is a junior in his second year of newspaper. He is involved in swim team and soccer. He enjoys skateboarding but does not enjoy falling on his skateboard....

Renee Johnson

Staff Writer

  Renee Johnson is a sophomore. She is also involved in volleyball and show choir. When she’s not singing glass shattering notes, she’s either taking a snooze or eating Chick-Fil-A. People who know her would c...

Parker Anderson

Staff Writer

Parker Anderson is a senior and this is her third year on the newspaper staff. She likes hanging out with her friends and watching competition baking shows. She has recently developed a strange obsession with Squishmallows. Per her request, please stop wearing Croc...

Alyssa Miner

Staff Writer

Alyssa Miner is a Junior and this is her first year on news staff. She does a lot of photography and design. Other than that you can find her on the volleyball court and the school’s track....

Audrey Bristow

Staff Writer

  Audrey Bristow is a sophomore and is constantly confused but plays it off as a life choice. She isn’t really sure why she joined newspaper when her current life goal is culinary school.  She can usually be found i...

Payton Blahut

Staff Writer

Payton is a senior and this is her third year on staff. She is currently pursuing an internship in graphic design, but as of right now she enjoys designing layouts and graphics for the Black and White. She is also the stage m...

Tarun Sirkaran

Staff Writer

Tarun Srikaran is a senior and this is his first year on the newspaper staff. If you see him with an open period or lunch, most likely he is finishing really late work. He enjoys playing the piano and tennis. During any of his...

Aidan Topolinski

Staff Writer

Aidan Topolinski is a staff writer on his second year on the Black and White staff. He enjoys cats, D&D, and sarcasm. You can find most of his work is illustrations because he really like to draw. He is most proud of his ...

Edina Suljic

Staff Writer

Edina Suljic is a sophomore, and this is her first year in Newspaper. When she isn’t at school, she hangs out with her sister and is probably off shopping somewhere, wasting money on clothes and shoes she most likely won’t even wear. ...

Joel Keller

Sports Editor

Joel Keller is a Senior and this is his fifth semester on the news staff and his second year as Sports Editor. He enjoys playing the french horn and does not enjoy Associated Press(AP) Style....

Marley Jenkins

Staff writer

Marley Jenkins is a Sophomore and this is her first year on the news team. She mostly just listens to music and talks to her friends. Yea, her life is pretty interesting. She also loves expressing her and others' opinions throu...

Savannah Dennis

Print Editor

Savannah Dennis is now a senior (scary) in her second year on the Black and White staff and is filling the role of Print Editor. When Savannah isn’t contemplating her future, she is likely frantically working on a multitude of things she wrote in her planner because she can’t say no. Between school, newspape...

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher


Marandah Mangra-Dutcher is in her final year on the newspaper staff. She is in charge, and hoping everything will stay intact by the end of the year. Everything will be okay. It's fine....