The Black & White

Editorial Policy

The Black & White is published solely by the Johnston Senior High School newspaper staff. Its goal is to inform, enlighten and entertain Johnston students. It is an open forum. In accordance with Iowa law and board policy, students assign and edit material and make all decisions of content. The paper is published nine times per school year.

The paper will not publish material that is libelous, obscene or an invasion of privacy. The law does not require parental permission to use student quotes. Ethically, we believe students can speak for themselves. Staff editorials represent the opinion of a majority of the editorial board. Editorial and opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the advisor, school officials or the district. Letters to the editor must be signed. Like all material, letters may not be libelous, obscene or an invasion of privacy. 

The Black & White strives to report accurate and timely information. If you believe that an error has been published, please contact the editors at Changes will be made at the discretion of the editorial board. Unless a story is factually incorrect, it will not be changed after publication.

The Black & White is a member of CSPA, NSPA, Quill & Scroll, and IHSPA. Recent issues of the paper earned these honors: Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award, National Scholastic Press Association First Class rating, Quill & Scroll Gallup Award, IHSPA state placings and third in the National Best of Show. In order to see our full editorial policy click Policies 2020-2021.