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The Problem with Holidays

The Problem with Holidays
At the surface, holidays are wonderful. However, the further you dig into the idea of holidays, the more problems can arise.
November 20, 2019

Holidays are great. They are a time to celebrate and revel in the festivities occurring all around. By definition, no work is done on a holiday and to a high school student, virtually nothing could be...

Not Quite Bilingual

1.5 speech bubbles in two different languages.
April 12, 2019

I was born in India. I grew up with a cacophony of noise surrounding me; from the noise of pots and pans clanging when my mother cooked to the boisterous shouts of my brother and cousin when they ran around...

Q&A with your local hijabi

Photo Courtesy of Parul Srivastava
October 18, 2018

After encountering many obscure questions from the people of JHS about the "thingy" on my head, I've decided to answer all of them. Before continuing, please keep in mind that these are all questions asked...

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