Johnston High School - 6500 NW 100th St, Johnston, IA

The Black & White

Johnston High School - 6500 NW 100th St, Johnston, IA

The Black & White

Johnston High School - 6500 NW 100th St, Johnston, IA

The Black & White

My second Marauder and its Greenlight model. Maybe someday it will run. If one looks closely, there is a bunny under it

See you out on the Road

Tate Larsen, Staff Writer May 18, 2021

Every farmer in the Midwest has some rusty, old car in their yard or barn, but I have a 2004 Dark Toreador Red Marauder sitting in mine with a bunny living underneath it. I bought it on Feb. 28, 2021,...

Buying A Car For Dummies

Buying A Car For Dummies

Tate Larsen, Staff Writer May 6, 2021

I am a big fan of panther platform cars which include the Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car, but since I learned about one very special panther I have always wanted it. Ford resurrected...

These two cars are Carroll Shelby Cobras.

Carroll Shelby, More Than Mustangs

Tate Larsen, Staff Writer January 25, 2021

Carroll Shelby is one of the most fascinating people. Many know him as the namesake of Ford’s Shelby Mustang. Yet, labeling him as only a guru of muscle cars is too one dimensional. Carroll was born...

This unloved car was parked in the yard of an abandoned house. I had no idea what it was. Even my mom did not know. I could see the partial logo on the car – Stude-aker. When I looked it up on my phone, I realized it was a Studebaker, a brand that has not been around since the early 60s. No one answered the door, so how it got there is a mystery. It seems to be either a 1956 Commander or President Classic.

Restoring Rust Buckets

Tate Larsen, Staff Writer December 30, 2020

I love driving around spotting old cars in yards, so I packed my girlfriend and my mom into her truck and went on a drive. Several, actually. We headed for places where we knew we might find cars, areas...

The gen 1 Mustang.


Tate Larsen, Staff Writer November 24, 2020

In the early 60’s a man named Lee Iacocca, the Vice President and General Manager at Ford, decided that Ford needed a four-seater with two doors to attract a younger audience. Iacocca wanted a small,...

Here is one of my picks that I own and its baby brother.

Tate’s performance picks

Tate Larsen, Staff Writer September 21, 2020

Over the last century, a lot of cool cars and trucks have been made. I pared it down to five of the coolest in the last 30 years. GMC Syclone After the success of the small American truck market throughout...

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