The Black & White

Valorant First Impressions

The Valorant main menu.

Zach Kehoe, Staff Writer

April 17, 2020

On April 7 the highly anticipated First Person Shooter game Valorant entered its closed beta. Valorant was developed by the creators of League of Legends, Riot Games. Valorant is the first game that Riot has produced that does not take place in the League of Legends universe, but Valorant is inste...

Finding Our Humanity

Instead of panicking over a lack of toilet paper in stores, try meditating or exercising to calm the mind.

Caroline Christensen, Content Manager

March 28, 2020

Like most Generation Zers I mostly entertain myself with TikToks to distract myself from the  unprecedented pandemic that is gripping our world. One TikTok that was particularly informational was a video by @naomi.corson. Her dad had calculated how many times someone would have to go to the bath...

Big Daddy’s VS Wild Mikes

A slice of Big Daddy's Pizza.

Zach Kehoe, Staff Writer

March 9, 2020

The real question that has plagued our generation is the competition between rival school pizzas. I reviewed qualities of both pizzas to determine once and for all, who has the best school pizza. Some of the most impactful and influential innovations of our time are sparked from great rivalry...

TikTok Fame Affects Students

Wendy Avalos '21 setting up her phone on the window in the commons, preparing to

Parker Anderson, Staff Writer

February 29, 2020

Sarah Linder ‘22 never thought she would wake up to 300 thousand views on a TikTok of her dancing on top of her stairs with her dog right up close to the camera. Linder's video reached 60 thousand likes, that essentially makes her TikTok famous. Dancing around the house blasting music and taking...

Glassy Skies

Robin eggs hide under a porch.

Kaya Young, Staff Writer

February 19, 2020

The courtyards are meant to be a place where students can enjoy nature. Their large windows let light into the building and allow students to see the outside world, but also result in the deaths of unsuspecting birds. The expansive, reflective surface of the glass tricks birds into thinking that the wi...

Make America Vote Again

Scan this QR code to register to vote.

Caroline Christensen, Content Manager

February 16, 2020

Voting will ensure a healthy democracy for years to come