Maren Rasmussen


Abigail Wharton, Online Editor

Maren Rasmussen ’22, like many seniors, is preparing for graduation and her post-secondary education; however, Maren’s first big step into the real world happened on January 10, 2022. While she will be participating in the official ceremony on May 24, she technically graduated at semester to work as a senate page at the Iowa State Capitol.

Rasmussen set herself up for an early graduation junior year. She knew she was interested in politics and decided that graduating a semester early to work in politics was the best path for her. “You have to look at yourself and look at what you think will be best for you.” She acknowledges that it is not for everyone but says that it helped her prepare for her future. She recommends similar programs such as school to work that do no always require students to graduate early.

Rasmussen will attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where she plans to major in political science and minor in sustainability. She hopes to be accepted into her school’s study abroad program her sophomore year and intern in Washington D.C. Rasmussen says that local government holds a special place in her heart and would like to spend her career as a public servant.