Homecoming Service Day

Lily Fleming, Copy Editor


Each year homecoming sweeps schools with a bustling schedule of school activities and spirited students. From football games and parades, to school dances, it’s a busy week. An additional tradition during this period is service day. 

Hosted by the Student Council board, on September 21, students volunteered to pick up trash and draw homecoming chalk at schools around the district. The event takes place about every six months and gives students the opportunity to gain silver cord hours. 

“I like to do stuff for the community and hang out with friends while doing it, it’s a win-win” Hailey Debris ’24, a silver cord member stated.

The next scheduled service day will take place in the spring. “We need to clean up for our community and our high school … so we’re here trying to help (staff members) out, and kind of promote this idea of antipollution… As a school we care about the environment, that’s something we’re passionate about and we don’t want to further help climate change in any way” Student Council member Jonah Ayres ’24 explained.