A party fit for royalty

The seniors gather around the sitting area. The pary stayed in the two bottom rooms of the house.

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

This year’s Madrigal dinner after party was held at Olivia Gorsche ’18’s house Nov. 30. The party was for the seniors, and people were allowed to bring their own snacks.

“A lot of the seniors that were on the royal court showed up and we listened to music, ate pizza, and laughed all night,” Gorsche said.

The Madrigal is held every year as a play that takes place in the renaissance time period. This year’s Madrigal was about two characters who switch bodies and realize the problems each other have to go through.

“As a senior, I felt like this madrigal was one of the best, I loved being on the royal court and being a part of the skit,” Gorsche said.

The students got to do many activities like air hockey, dancing, and pool. There was also an area to just sit and talk.

“I definitely plan on hosting more events,” Gorsche said. “I love having people over for a good time and being able to bond with new people and make more memories.”