A Social Media Cleanse

The following is an extension of the social media cleanse opinion piece in the January/February issue of the Black & White.


Riley Anderson

Social media sits have been drawing people in to them. Making them blind to the main things around them.

Riley Anderson, Staff Writer

Monday, January 28, 2019 Day 1: It has only been a couple hours since I got off SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. It has been hard to not check my social media even though I turned off the notifications. Not going onto social media every five minutes is harder than expected.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 Day 2: It feels like forever since I was last able to get on SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. My notifications are building up with each streak I get, every saved post on Pinterest, and every post my mom tags me in. My mom thinks this is a great way for me to get stuff done around the house, but it just feels like I am grounding myself from social media.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 Day 3: From game to game. I do not really know what to do with my phone any more. It feels like my phone was only for the social media platforms I had. But I have been able to do more with my time, rather than looking at social media 24/7. I have been able to buy new books, clean more, and be more observant.

Saturday, February 2, 2019 Day 6: Today is the Winter formal. Everyone is on social media, and I am over here looking around at everyone thinking, “why, why me”, but I chose to do this social media cleanse. I feel left out, since I have started this social cleanse. No one texts anymore or calls. I took pictures with people and when I asked  them to send them to me, thinking they would text me on iMessage, they were sent through Snapchat. We depend on Snapchat way too much. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 Day 10: Today has been easier than yesterday. I do not feel like I am rushed to do my streaks or look at Instagram. People like to message me on Snapchat, I have to remind them I can not be on Snapchat. I have had so may ideas for art and I have wanted to look at Pinterest to find them and make them a physical thing but I can not. Just in the past seven days I have played games for 16 hours and 37 minutes. I am on my phone for about five hours and 46 minutes per day, and almost three of those hours are on Netflix. Is this what my life has come to? 

Monday, February 11, 2019 Day 15: I have been kind of bored lately. I have gotten used to the fact that I cannot get onto social media so I do not really know what to do anymore. I have been around my family more, I have talked to people I do not talk to often and it is actually nice to talk to them. I feel more open now that I have been off of social media. I prefer to talk to people in person rather than over the phone now. It has more meaning to it than texting. Texting is convenient to tell someone something right away and to ask to hang out with someone. Talking to someone adds a personal touch to things.