Administration approves of student behavior during homecoming weekend


Natalie Larimer

Senior Justin Adkins and his date junior Heather Krejci dance off from the crowd. The homecoming dance was held on Sept. 27 at Summit Middle School.

Esmeralda Flores, Staff Writer

After the antics during the early hours of Sept. 26, administrators told students they expected good behavior for the rest of the homecoming weekend or all events would be cancelled. Administrators and teachers reported the students’ behavior was generally good.

Due to a death in the family, principal Brent Riessen was unable to attend the homecoming events. “I heard at the game people behaved themselves and acted appropriately,” Riessen said. “As far as the dance goes I heard a lot of great things happened there.” Riessen said that he was happy with the the interactions going on between all groups of students.

Teacher and chaperone Rod Wiebers agreed.  “I thought that everybody was really good, having a great time and doing it in the right way, and I thought it was a successful night,” Wiebers said. 

Teacher and chaperone Dan Weiss took tickets and put on wristbands for the first two hours of the homecoming dance. “Students were so respectful,” Weiss said.

Weiss said sometimes adults and students define appropriate behavior in different ways. “I think a lot of time adults can exacerbate behavior,” he said. “Kids are kids, you have to pick and choose your own battle.”

Students also noted a difference in the way the student body behaved from this year to last year at the dance. “It was a lot better than last year, I didn’t see any people get kicked out, and there wasn’t as much inappropriate dancing,” junior Megan Aspengren said.

Junior Megan Farnsworth agreed with Aspengren about the students’ behavior at the dance. “Last year I saw a lot of people had to leave,” Farnsworth said. “This year I only saw two girls grinding once.”

One student thought game behavior could have been better. “I saw a lot of people running around, throwing stuff and littering, but since it’s Homecoming I feel like we shouldn’t do that especially because of what had happened Thursday night,” junior Remi Coniconde said. He went on to say, however, that these actions are normal to see during regular football games, but thinks that students should behave better for the homecoming football game.