All Falls Down

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Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

Many people are turned off by pop music because some of the most successful pop stars rely on stupidly repetitive lyrics, obnoxiously loud instrumentals, and seriously immature topics. As much as I like, and defend pop music, I can’t deny these things are true. Yet, despite what people like to say, there are always a few stars that are able to shine through in a good way. Alan Walker’s ‘All Falls Down’ featuring Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals is certainly one of those exceptions because it is a perfect example of humbleness in pop music.

The song does a great job keeping both the instrumental’s melody and the vocal melody interesting. Even though both lines stay around the same few notes, the notes have different rhythms to keep things interesting. They don’t even need to change the tempo because the notes use a pattern that switches between a minor feel to a major feel in a way that is engaging and serves the story. The overall smooth and flowing feel of the song is mostly due to the relaxing, key of F. All while still managing to add in some hype moments in the chorus that makes you want to dance, but doesn’t overwhelm you.

The only thing that is a bit weak is the rhyme scheme. This part doesn’t serve the story well enough. Since the song is about being happy after getting out of a bad relationship on your own, the lyrics need to have rhymes that have confidence and dominance. Unfortunately, the song was filled with what I like to call “half rhymes”. Like trying to make the words like “that” “bad”, and “react”. Words with the same vowel sound, but then give up on trying to match the consonants. These types of rhymes can be ok if used only a little bit, but this song had way too much. Both in the verses and in the chorus. Not enough to completely ruin the song, but a little more effort would have been nice. At least the lyrics themselves are not bad. Nothing is too repetitive, and send a good message of acknowledging your own weaknesses, but knowing you will be fine when worst happens in your relationship.

Overall, this song was still a pleasure to listen to. It was nice to hear the great instrumentals, great to hear more work from a new record producer, and hear how Noah Cyrus’s vocals have improved. I give this song a 4 out of 5 stars. Let’s hope that more pop stars take after this more down to earth approach with music in the future.