America’s Most Popular Meal Kit – HelloFresh


Lily Fredericks

Margarita Chicken over Garlic Herb Spaghetti

Lily Fredricks, Staff Writer

HelloFresh is an international company that sends customers different meals in a week depending on what they choose. HelloFresh allows the consumer to can choose what day they want the food to come and how many meals they want per week. If the consumers do not want it every week they can have it every other week or skip weeks. 

One major idea that is cool about HelloFresh is that it allows the consumer to not have to go shopping for any ingredients, it all comes in the HelloFresh box. There are 15 different meal options that you can pick from each week. Some meals are in what is called the Hall of Fame. Those meals are often the most liked and bought the most by customers. 

HelloFresh is convenient for families that want to make a meal in 40 minutes or less, it can sometimes take longer for beginner cooks though it will usually be done within an hour. Most of the time the most time consuming part of the recipes is to cut and chop all the veggies. Sometimes when my family is making it, we will cut the vegetables earlier in the day so it does not take as long at night. 

The food comes in two recyclable bags which are inside a cardboard box. There is a recipe card that has four to six in-depth steps. If the consumer wants to learn extra tips there is a corner on the side of the recipe card that has a paper that gives little tips and tricks that are specific to the recipe.

Honestly there are very few meals I do not like from HelloFresh, but there are some that are definitely not as good as the others. One of the worst meals are hamburgers. Basically every sandwich meal from HelloFresh is not very good because the type of bread they use. That is a general consensus in my family. Another item that has proven in the past to be bad is the meatloaf. Though we had a meatball meal recently and it was pretty good, a lot of the beef based meals are not very good. We had it a few times in the beginning and quickly stopped getting them because none of us really liked them.

Some of the favorite meals throughout the house are chicken and spaghetti meals. “My favorite meals are pesto pasta and fish which no one else in the family really likes,” my mom said. “My least favorite meal would definitely have to be a chicken meal early on, I can’t remember what it was called but I had to spit it out because it was so bad.”

One of my favorite meals is the Pork Flautas Supreme. It is a Mexican meal, kind of like a burrito. My favorite cuisine is Mexican or Chinese food so I like it a lot. Every one in my family liked them, with the exception of my brother. However, my brother is a very picky eater. Sometimes we have to leave things out because they can be spicy and my mom is really sensitive to spices. We had this meal recently and she says it feels like her mouth and lips are on fire.

Another really good meal from HelloFresh is the Beef Bulgogi Bowl. It is a popular Korean meal. This is a meal that we as a family would have never had or even heard of if it was not for HelloFresh. That has happened with a lot of different meals. This is a family favorite in my household and also one of the meals we have eaten the most.

My dad is a really open eater so there is not a lot of stuff he does not like. One of his favorite meals was a Shepards pie that my mom and I made. It took a long time because we had to chop and cut a lot of vegetables. It was one of the most in-depth meal we had made and took over an hour in total. My mom and I make almost all the meals because my dad is working and my brother doesn’t know how to cook.

My brothers favorite meal from HelloFresh is parmesan crusted chicken with creamy lemon tomato pasta. Though he does not eat the tomatoes, he eats everything else which does not happen very often. Basically all the pasta meals are good from HelloFresh. My brother eats a lot of the pasta meals.

Some things I have learned about myself from eating HelloFresh is I love rice. Jasmine rice has quickly become something I look forward to in a lot of our meals. Another thing is I really like spicy meat. We eat a lot of sausage pasta meal and the meat is always spicy which is something I like. I have also learned that lemon and lime zest are really good seasonings for pasta and rice.

HelloFresh is great and easy way to eat great food with my family. I recommend it for those who want to try new foods and spend more time with their family.