Animal Spotlight – Sunny the crested gecko


Nick Irwin

Sunny (left) relaxes next to Jumper right). Sunny was obtained by Burns during her time working at PetCo.

Jenna Gibert, Staff Writer

Science teacher Kyla Burns is well known for her exotic classroom and the many animals it houses. Students have the opportunity to interact with the many different species available including reptiles, mammals, and insects.

Enrollment in Zoology, A.P. Environmental Science or even a study hall there is an opportunity to get close to the animals. Many students have favorite animals they enjoy taking care of and keeping them company.

Tabitha Doherty ’18 spends a good amount of time in Burns’s room taking care of animals and having fun playing with them. Her favorite animal is a crested gecko named Sunny. “I used to work at PetCo, someone had come in with him one day and wanted to give him to PetCo to sell,” she said. “They don’t do that though, so I got him for free from that person.”

He is known as an old man in the classroom because he was one of the first animals to come into the class at over 15 years old.  “I feel like I have bonded with him through feeding him and cleaning his cage,” Doherty said. “He’s just really enjoyable and doesn’t squirm too much when being held.”