Aquaman movie review


Ben Pegg, Staff Writer

The movie “Aquaman” is an action/adventure about Arthur Clark, Aquaman, trying to become king of the sea to prevent his half brother Orm, from invading the humans in a misguided attempt at revenge for his mother, the Queen’s, death.

Mera, the main heroine, comes to the surface world to warn Aquaman of Orm’s plans for the world above, earning Aquaman’s trust and reluctant help after she uses her hydro-kinesis to save his father. Aquaman uses his royal birthright to lure Orm into a trial by combat in a ring of lava. Mera steps in and she and Aquaman escape to the surface in a stolen ship.  Once there, the pair goes on a quest to retrieve the trident of the original ruler of Atlantis. Much later on, Aquaman encounters the Karathen, the kraken that guards the trident. After claiming the trident and securing the Karathen’s alliance, the group goes to reinforce a kingdom of crab-men against Orm. They win, and the movie ends.

I disliked the score, mainly because there was not much of a score, just one four measure piece played throughout the movie. The premise was weak. A dude goes to fight his half-brother to stop him from wrecking mankind because they were the cause of his mothers banishment.  The flashbacks were well done, mostly of the royal adviser teaching a young Aquaman how to do different things. Unfortunately, they were scattered and jarring to the pace of the movie.

I liked all the action, especially the final battle. The storyline was weak, but it was masterfully executed and visually appealing You want more of the fish men, the crab-men and the Trench, lizard man cannibals, because they are beautiful. The faithfulness to the comics was surprising to me, but I have no deep understanding of the comics. A far as I know the producers got the major parts right.

I would recommend this movie for the visual appeal, the action, and the familiarity. You know them, you love them, if you are not familiar with them, the storyline is simple enough to catch on pretty quickly. The movie is basically a standalone, but they have enough of the cast to make it tie back in. Still, good movie.