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Bruce Jenner.

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Student reactions to Bruce Jenner being transgender

Medina Jusufovic, Staff Writer May 20, 2015

Recently, headlines broke with the news that former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner was coming out with being transgender. In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner said that for all intents...

Students work to complete nursing program, prepare for college

Students work to complete nursing program, prepare for college

Medina Jusufovic, Staff Writer May 12, 2015

Nursing is a field high school students choose to study, and this is what senior Emma Grace Walter decided she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Walter decided to take the nursing program at Des...

The dangers of using the Internet for self-diagnosis can cause many issues that can be solved simply by visiting a doctor.

Internet self-diagnosis is inadequate

Medina Jusufovic, Staff Writer March 9, 2015

Back when the restaurant I work at opened, I was standing around with a few co-workers just chatting. It was all girls, and we were gossiping and such, the stuff that girls usually do when they are together....

High school to hire new student resource officer

High school to hire new student resource officer

Medina Jusufovic, Staff Writer January 22, 2015

Officer Jessica Jensen began working as a student resource officer (SRO) in 2011 and covers the high school and the 8/9 middle school building. This year is her last year as SRO. Officer Jensen will...

Yale University forced student Rachel Williams to stop attending school due to a mental illnesses, even though she states that it is her main motivation.

Universities should let students with mental illnesses choose their fate

Medina Jusufovic, Staff Writer September 16, 2014

Some may say that students with mental illnesses have too much on their plate to be going to school. This is exactly what happened to Rachel Williams, a former student at Yale University, or so it seems....

Special education cut affects students

Medina Jusufovic, Staff Writer November 22, 2013

For Heidi Luett, communicating with her son is not easy. Her son Hudson has Down syndrome, and he is not a verbal communicator. Instead, he communicates with signs. "Hudson knows about 200 signs and he...

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