Back Pack Must Haves


The JHS Backpack must haves in the prime setting that they are in… school.

Paul Heggen, Staff Writer

With what people keeps in their backpacks now a days it hard to keep straight what to bring to school. It is the place where students keep their personal belongings. People are always taking what they need in order to complete their daily routines but they never do put much thought into what they bring. With limited space such as a backpack, things can get overstuffed, disorganized, or completely crushed under the weight of other items. In order to keep everything tidy, some things have to be left behind. For the items that people do take to school these things are referred to as “BackPack must haves”. Or the items that students simply cannot leave behind to brave the day at school. A survey with 100 students was conducted to find out what the must haves were.

All these items are what students are normally bringing not as much of a special attribute item of there personality.  

The first must have item is the iPad. Though it is understandable since the entire school learning system revolves around the need for the technology the school provides. Number two pencil in order to complete assignments on paper. Number three a water bottle to keep one refreshed and refined. At number four is an extra sweat shirt when the weather is getting chilly. Number five a calculator that is not 100% necessary because the iPads have a calculator on them, but sometimes there is a preference for the graphing calculator. Number six is a pen. Number seven is the notebook which has lost its purpose since the iPad took over with GoodNotes.

It appears to be the common consensus that these items are the necessities for making it through the day.