Behind the Scenes of Being a Counselor


Cecilia Allemagne

Counselor Erica Woods-Schmitz works at her desk.

Cecilia Allemagne, Staff Writer

Every student knows that they are supposed to meet with their counselor at least once a year. They also know that the counselors have the ability to change their schedules. But the question remains: what does a counselor do?

Counselors have a wide range of projects that they need to take care of during the school year, and even during the summer months. To a counselor, there is no such thing as an ‘average day’. Counselor Susan Baker explains what factors play into how her day will look. “Part of what would determine my day is the time of year,” Baker said. “Obviously, at the beginning of the school year, my days will mostly involve getting schedules out and new students registered. During the spring semester we really try to focus on sending out transcripts, getting seniors to push through the last half of the school year, and inputting course requests from juniors and sophomores.” Just like the Earth has four weather seasons, the counseling office has its seasons as well.

Between meetings with students, parents, staff, and administrators, the counselors also have the job of handling any ’emergencies’ or problems students and staff have in a day. Counselor Brian Frick says it is like putting out small fires every day. “I mean, I guess stuff that doesn’t happen everyday doesn’t really apply, you know,” Frick said. “I think it’s just case-by-case, or putting out the small fires, or dealing with situations.”

Beside all of the work that counselors do with students, they also have specific projects they are in charge of. “I guess it’s year-round, each part of the year is a little different or has a different twist,” Frick said. “I guess, you know, that some of the other counselors are really busy right now, like, I know one of the other counselors oversees the AP testing, so she’s really busy right now.”

Counselors lead extremely busy lives. From walk-in students to AP testing, counselors do it all. They play a major role in the efficiency of the school. Whatever the counselors do, students should always make sure to keep in mind the daily work they put in to make students’ lives run smoothly.