Big Daddy’s VS Wild Mikes

Zach Kehoe, Staff Writer

The real question that has plagued our generation is the competition between rival school pizzas. I reviewed qualities of both pizzas to determine once and for all, who has the best school pizza.

Some of the most impactful and influential innovations of our time are sparked from great rivalry. Pizza is not exempt from such an innovative spirit. Two main competitors in the arena of school cafeteria pizza have emerged: Wild Mike’s and Big Daddy’s. Waving their war banners rallying support among the populace for this war of pizza. The two competitors in the pizza field are the legendary Big Daddy’s Pizza and the infamous Wild Mikes.

Big Daddy’s pepperoni pizza is the absolute pinnacle of bread, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni combination. The students look forward to the highlight of the school week, Friday, Big Daddy’s Pizza day. “Honestly Big Daddy’s is the best,” Riggen Snyder ‘22 said.

The quality of Big Daddy’s is off the charts. Every single day the consistency of Big Daddy’s pizza is constant. When eating a slice of Big Daddy’s the quality is unquestionably perfect.

The ingredients of Big Daddy’s are always top-notch.  “I love Big Daddy’s pizza, I especially love the sauce.” Reece Hougland ‘22 said.

However, not everyone is a fan of Big Daddy’s. “Big Daddy’s is greasy and falls apart,” Konrad Rohlf ‘22 said.

Comparing the quality of Big Daddy’s to Wild Mike’s is like day and night. Wild Mike’s vary in temperature to an unnatural extent.  “Big Daddy’s is way better than Wild Mikes. Wild Mikes is super greasy,” Bodee Jones ‘21 said. “It’s a disgrace to pizza.”

Personally, I have had burnt Wild Mikes, but I have never had a burnt Big Daddy’s slice. That does not mean that Wild Mikes has no redeeming qualities. The crust of Wild Mikes is excellent and is better seasoned than Big Daddy’s. The ingredients that makeup Wild Mikes do taste good, but the ingredients of Big Daddy’s taste superior. Overall the ingredients and consistency are better in Big Daddy’s.

Another quality to take into consideration is the size of the slice. Like the name implies, a slice of Big Daddy’s is decently large. Comparing that to Wild Mikes minuscule slice size. Big Daddy’s definitely wins a point in the size category.  

The real test for a slice of pizza is the taste, so how do these slices compare. “Big Daddy’s is perfectly seasoned and cooked thoroughly,” Caden Myers ‘22 said.

The taste is revered by thousands. “I love Big Daddy’s,” Jaxon Kaster ‘20 said.  Obviously, Big Daddy’s has a cult-like following with many students raving about the taste. Unfortunately, Wild Mikes did not have such a following they lacked the notoriety that Big Daddy’s has. People know Big Daddy’s, they know it stands for something a symbol of quality, of trust, of love. Wild Mikes simply does not carry such a standard.

To conclude, while Wild Mikes pizza provides a decent quality pizza slice, Big Daddy’s is the absolute pinnacle of school pizza.