Biodiversity In The Classroom




The zoology and science department animals will be taken home by students and staff this summer. The animals range from reptiles to furry rodents.

Burns takes care of the two fish tanks, which are too much of a hassle to move.  She comes in once-a-week to feed them, check for algae build up and add water. Burns and Woodin communicate about vacation and cover for each other. 

In past years Woodin has taken Squirt the turtle home with her. “I have way less animals than Horsch and Burns,”Woodin said.

This year one student was interested in taking Squirt home with them. Unfortunately, the student was not able to get permission from their parents. 

Although rare, there have been few troubling experiences. One of Burns’ students had a hedgehog die. “I went and picked it up and buried it,” Burns said.  

Spooky the snake got loose in a student’s house for almost a year. They eventually found Spooky when they moved. “It was really exciting that they found it!” Burns said.

If nobody signs up to take animals, Horsch takes them home herself. “Some years I have nobody, and some years I have everybody, so it just depends,” she said. “I have had animals that were really old go home with students, but never had one die.” Horsch gives contact info to students so they can reach her anytime.

Sign up with Kyla Burns, Lisa Horsch, Sara Kate Howe and Janelle Woodin. The sign up in Burn’s class is on her white board or in a Google sheets for all of the science teachers. There must also be a parent’s email approval. Once that email is provided and the school year is over, the animal goes home with all of its supplies. When essential supplies run out, students have to purchase more. 

Click here  for the sign up for Burns

Click here for the sign up for Horsch