Boy’s basketball beats Urbandale 64-51

Peyton Williams ’19 soars for a layup over an opposing urbandale Player. That game Williams made 66% of his field goals

Cameron DeRoos, Staff Writer

The boys’s basketball team defeated Urbandale 64-51 on January 25 . The Dragons improved to 11-4 on the year. The boys controlled the game, holding a five point lead against the Jayhawks for most of the game.  The Dragons started the game off well with a 7-2 lead four minutes into the game. Johnston constantly dominated only really letting the Jayhawks get close during the start of the second quarter when the Jayhawks almost tied the game up but they were able to overcome the Jayhawks winning 64-51.

Johnston’s best players on the night were Peyton Williams ’19 and Max Roquet ’21. Williams had one block, two assists, and three steals he also racked up a total of 12 points with a 66% Field Goal percentage. Roquet only had one assist but made up for it in his points scoring 18 points with a 70% Field Goal percentage.

Stats for starting line up

Jacob Runyan ’22. scored 0 points, had two assists, one steal, and 0 blocks

Grant Reid ’21. scored 13 points, had two assists, 0 steals, and 0 blocks

Garrett Miller ’20. scored 0 points, had two assists, 0 steals and 0 blocks

Peyton Williams’ 19. scored  12 points, had two assists, three steals and one block

Max Roquet ’21. scored 18 points, had 0 assists, 0 steals and 0 blocks