Brent Riessen transfers to middle school building

Brooklynn Ginsberg, Staff Writer

Principal Brent Riessen will be transitioning to the middle school principal’s position in the fall of 2015. Riessen has been at the the high school for four consecutive years.

Due to beginning his administrative career at the middle school building, it was not a difficult decision for Riessen to begin the job transition process. “I was also in Ankeny for two years as a [middle school] principal, so from the professional district perspective there’s probably not a lot of people running around with experience with eighth and ninth graders,” Riessen said. “it just made sense to me to give that shot.”

Also to accomodate his personal life, Riessen found that the middle school position would make it more convenient to spend time with his family. Current middle school principal Laura Kacer took a new job as a director Human Resources and associate principal Nate Zittergruen took a position in Waukee. With both administrators leaving the building, it created an opening for the principal position. “I have a lot of knowledge and background to help [eighth and ninth graders] in the transition into this building,” Riessen said.

With excitement and optimism, Riessen looks forward to taking on the new job and still being within a walk’s distance to the high school building. “The thing I like best about high school kids is that they are closer to being adults,” Riessen said. “But I also really enjoy the energy and enthusiasm the younger students have.”

As Riessen expects to visit the high school building frequently, he expects to welcome familiar faces and to keep in touch with all students possible.

Word as to whom will take Riessen’s current position is disclosed until an official meeting is held by Superintendent Dr. Corey Lunn and a committee of staff members. No official deadline has been set yet for the meeting. As for other administrative associates, they plan to stay in current positions unless they desire to apply for the principal in the high school building.