‘By Lifting Others’, Innovation Approaches An Undefeated Season


Innovation at Showzam

Laura Holm, Staff Writer

Innovation is Johnston’s varsity show choir, and is directed by Laura Grimm. The show choir is comprised of juniors and seniors. This season’s show theme has a very unique impact,

“It’s been a really fun season to watch them grow because we’ve chosen to live our theme on and off the stage,” Grimm said.

This year, Innovation’s theme  is “We Rise By Lifting Others,” following the organization “Volunteers of America”. Students have been able to partake in community service events as a team throughout the season, in order to experience first-hand what they are trying to convey on-stage. This impactful theme has further grown the show, as unity plays a huge part in the chemistry of the show,

“I think it’s definitely brought our team closer together being able to unite over like, these common goals for our show,” Innovation member Sophie Ruddy ‘23 said.

With one competition left, Innovation is currently at a four time grand-champion streak for this season. Pride, as well as a feeling of accomplishment is definitely common for the members of Innovation,

“I think overall we’ve been able to just have  fun together and put on a good show, I think we’re all pretty happy with where we are.” Innovation member Allison Miner ‘23 said.