Can’t Catch Me

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

With the amount of dance, pop and bass dropping songs we have today, one would think there is not much room soft spoken songs. Yet, there are a few songs that go against the grain and are just as good to listen to. You just have to look deep enough to find them.

In this case, Avicii does just that and more in the song “Can’t Catch Me”. This song is from Avicii’s latest album “Stories”.

This song starts and ends with the same relaxing beat and beautiful melodies, making you feel like you are in a dream as you hear a story unfold. When the vocals come in to tell you this story, it is just as peaceful. The song does an amazing job of fully immersing you in it and by the time the songs over you will just want to stay there with it.

Speaking of the story, it can be interpreted in many different ways. The lyrics talk about being free but still holding on to your memories. It could be about running to a better future, but remembering those who have helped you get there. Or this could be about things going on around the world, even about an individual’s life story. It’s a mystery really, and that is why the song is so lovable.

No matter how you interpret the song, there is no doubt that the beautiful sound of this song, will work its way into one’s heart. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this laid back tune and find yourself running to it. With no one being able to catch you.