Kylie Dishman

Carsyn Calkins

“ In 7th grade, I didn’t want to do show choir, but then the high schoolers came over and I felt like I should try it, and I made it.  At the Urbandale, competition, the piano was set into the wrong key, and our first 30 seconds was in the wrong key, but we  where ble to change it back. Show choir has helped me meet new people and has had me come closer to others and being a better person because there is people in show choir that I have never talked to or talked with, and once I got involved in show choir, I was able to get  close to them through fall to spring and the compititions are long and I get to know them better . Music is a big part of my life and it’s something i can’t imagine without and i am super passonate about it and to grow as a musician. I feel like it is so difficult to make show choir, it is so gratifying and such an accomplishment and makes you more motivated and excited to be in the group.”

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