Caucasian Asian: La Mie


Having the name of Caucasian Asian, my reviews will usually be related to Asian food in some way or another. So, if I’m reviewing something that is not, that is a good sign of how amazing the place is. In this case, the place is La Mie.

In French, la mie is the word for the soft part of the inside of the bread, something that we do not have a specific word for in English. The place itself serves French food, with different pastries as well as bread. If you are going there for a full meal, they have mainly breakfast and lunch food. For breakfast they have lots of different styles of eggs to choose from as well as things like oatmeal and Greek yogurt. For lunch, La Mie has salads and sandwiches on their own bread.

The bakery is located in the Roosevelt district, and as I have friends from Roosevelt and am in French class, I have heard about how amazing it is from teachers and friends. I have always wanted to go eat there and finally, I was able to go. (My mom told me we could go after I finished the ACT so it was a good motivational thing to think of during the science part.)

By the time we got there it was around 2:00 on a Saturday and the place was jam packed. The place itself is not huge so seating is limited but there are a couple places to sit outside.

The way that you order the food can be a little confusing. When you first get into the place (we parked around back where there is actually space to park) you usually end up waiting in a line which ends up wrapping around this table filled with all their pastries. If you are going to stay there and eat, you can get a plate from a counter and fill it up with as many things as you want. If you do not feel like staying, they have bags to put the things in. There are not many signs around each of the things telling you what it is but you can look up the menu it advance online and it’s pretty obvious from there. Or, you could do what my mom and I did and just grab things that look good.

Along with the table filled with pastries, they have a shelf on one side with all their bread. Which, just like the pastries, has brown bags to put whatever you want in it. They have things from baguettes, which is the traditional long french loaf, to dinner rolls and homemade bread sticks covered in cheese.

Once you pass all the bakery items there is a case near the cash register that has macaroons (they come in a lot of different flavors like the normal chocolate to green tea) and other items that need to be kept cold like key lime and lemon tarts. The menu for the meal food is written up on chalkboards on the front of the restaurant.

The food can be pricey but is worth every penny. I got a chickpea scramble ($6.95) which was scrambled eggs mixed with chickpeas, zucchini, asparagus, and topped with avocado pieces. It also came with a slice of watermelon and two thick pieces of toast (which was their own bread). The eggs were really amazing. My favorite way to eat it, other than just shoving it into my mouth, is putting jelly on the toast and then topping it with the egg scramble and a piece of avocado. My mom has gotten me addicted to jelly mixed with my eggs and even though it sounds gross it really is delicious and now I cannot eat my eggs without it.

My mom got the fresh asparagus omelet ($6.50) which had asparagus and brie (a French cheese that is stronger than mozzarella but not overpowering and melts beautifully in with the omelet) and topped crème fraîche (a soured cream that tastes almost like plain Greek yogurt but less tart and more buttery).

We also split a cheese danish which was amazing. The pastry dough that La Mie makes is just great. It is really flaky and I like to pick it apart each layer. The filling of the danish was a sweet cream, almost like the filling of a cheese cake but less dense.

To take home with us we bought a loaf of Challah bread, which is a Jewish egg bread that is sweet and chewy. It has a richness to it which probably comes from the load of eggs they use in the dough. Along with Challah we each got a macaroon. I got the lemon and my mom got the chocolate. Macaroons have a crunchy outside texture but soft and chewy on the inside and are really pretty with all the different colors.

Even though La Mie is a bit expensive and a bit of a drive, it is packed full of people for a reason. The food is really good and the chefs obviously care a lot about what they are baking and it really shines through. Even if you do not want a full meal like we did, you could easily go there with some friends and just split a bunch of different pastries along with some coffee or tea. The only problem you may run into is finding a place to sit.