Committee members reveal details for after prom


Carly Kinning

At last year’s after prom, seniors Sarah Eikenberry and Katie Cunningham compete to place their markers farthest down the inflatable.

Grace Coleman, Staff Writer

With students suiting up and dressing out for this year’s prom April 11, moms of junior students have been laying the groundwork for students to have an enjoyable time at after prom.  This year’s after prom, themed “Rock of Ages,” will be similar to last year’s and will include games, food and prizes.

“There are going to be [different] decades of music, like 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s,” after prom committee member Tracey Page said. “Lots of rock and roll.”

Page is a co-chairperson on the after prom committee with Julie Weldon. The two, along side a committee of around 20 parent volunteers, have been planning for the “Rock of Ages” after prom since September.  “Different areas of the school will have activities and be decorated like different decades of music,” Weldon said.

Those who enjoyed the atmosphere of last year’s party are looking forward to this year’s prom. “We’ll have all the games and prizes again,” Page said. “And the hypnotist will be here again for [his] program.”

Some of the highlighted activities this year will include an inflatable obstacle course, an inflatable jousting ring, giant twister, assorted minute-to-win-it games, video games, karaoke, laser tag, ping pong, bingo, XBox Kinect games, a money machine and a photo booth supplied with many “Rock of Ages” props.

“My favorite part was all the activities they had going on,” senior Brian Brass said. “Most people were playing games because of the broad selection of them.”

Senior Michael Thiel agreed. “My favorite part was probably boxing with the oversized boxing gloves,” Thiel said. “I’m definitely going to go again this year.”

The doors of the high school will open at 11:30 p.m. for students to enter free of charge, with dates from other schools welcomed.  Students will be allowed to enter after prom after 1:00 a.m. and the event ends at 4:00 a.m.  Any student who leaves will not be able to re-enter.

The party will be loaded with dozens of options of food for the evening including: an assortment of sandwiches, Buffalo Wild Wings, pasta dishes from Noodles and Company, pizzas, homemade snacks and sweets, water and pop, coffee, a taco bar provided by Food Depot and Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon butter.

According to committee members, what seems to prevail each year as the highlight of after prom are the prizes given to the students from the high school who attend.  “We have lots of great prizes this year,” Page said. “Anything from gift cards or free dinners all the way up to cash prizes and iPads.”

Although after prom only lasts a few hours and is free for students to attend, it takes around 70 parent volunteers and thousands of dollars to pull off.  “It cost around $25,000 to put on after-prom,” Page said. “We raise all that money by working concession stands, hosting vendor parties and from donations.”

Plaza Florist in Urbandale will continue their tradition of donating a portion of their proceeds made from prom corsages purchased by Johnston students to after prom.  “If a student comes in, we help them pick out a custom corsage or whatever they need and we donate some of the proceeds back to after prom,” Plaza Florist promotions director Melissa Burkheimer said.  “We have been doing this as long as I remember.”

Boesen the Florist will also donate a portion of their proceeds to after prom, along with Stacey’s and Milroy’s for tuxedo rentals by Johnston students.

The parents on the after prom committee work all year long to provide an entertaining environment that students will look forward to each year. Last year approximately 700 students attended.