Committee reevaluates Extended Learning Program at superintendent’s request


Bryce Schulte

Junior Olivia Hrubetz and sophomore Brooke Thacker build a tower consisting of marshmallows, bendy straws, and other items in their ELP class. The group activity was designed to make students think creatively on how to build towers that can collapse on command without being touched.

Bryce Schulte, Staff Writer

With a new superintendent comes new changes to the district. For example, a major reevaluation within the district’s Extended Learning Program (ELP) is taking place. The district already has an advanced English class for a top percentage of freshmen, and it has an ELP class itself at the high school.

With the reevaluation, the district can be expecting additional opportunities for students who find themselves eligible for the Extended Learning Program.

ELP District Coordinator Kathy Paul and several other teachers make up the ELP reevaluation committee. They are going to examine the program and they will reassess it over time. “We are still in the decision making process,” Paul said. Students should expect changes to come to ELP. Paul said she was unable to comment on more.

It is difficult to know how this change will affect future students, with a possibility of more honors classes and other activities coming about. Junior Hannah Miedema, currently in ELP, is one of the students that will be affected by the reevaluation. “The ELP program helps me push myself and (it) challenges me,” Miedema said. “It gives me the opportunity to design a project I personally feel I can get the most out of.”

There are possible classes and other activities to come out of this reevaluation, but it is currently not clear what will result of the reevaluation. In upcoming weeks there will be more meetings, decisions being made and in the future, more opportunities for students.