Cooking in the cold


Andrea Lastro

Track six students cook pasta with different supplies they brought.

Shabana Gupta, Staff Writer

In the freezing cold, students were bundled around small fires waiting for food. Track six, outdoor pursuits, challenged students to cook outside and bring their own ingredients to use. The school provided jet fuel burners in addition to duel fuel burners, which used mainly gas.

Many students decided to bring pasta to cook due to simplicity, but some students attempted pizza and quesadillas. Their items were placed into pots and students were given metal spatulas to shift their food around. Jet fuel burners cooked the food far faster than the duel fuel ones did. The dual fuel burners caused some problems as Mennen struggled to make them work properly. Some of the burners wouldn’t turn on and Track six teacher Daniel Mennen had to refill the oil.

Andrea Lastro
Students gather in groups around the different burners to heat their food.

Students cleaned their own pots in the kitchen after the activity was finished. A few days before the activity, the students were lead through a tour of the kitchen so they could know where all the objects are to use.

Originally, students were supposed to cook on the football field but instead ended up shielded from the chilled wind by staying close to the building. Andrea Lastro ’18 loved scaring people when she talked about starting fires on the football field and cooking with them. Most people reacted with shock and disbelief before Lastro explained what Track six was doing.