Cupids Curse


Anna Catlett, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is dedicated to showing admiration for your loved ones. At least, that is what it is supposed to be, but for many reasons, this holiday is poorly executed. Whether it be the extremely materialistic values or the effects it has on people’s mental health, Valentine’s Day sucks.

In theory, the holiday may sound like a good idea; a holiday to celebrate love and those closest to us. But in modern day, Valentines has become extremely commercialized,  just another holiday to buy and expect gifts, or to put relationships on display for social media followers. It switched from appreciating who we have to what we can gain. 

“I think that the actual holiday itself is like a cute idea, but I think it’s a little materialistic now. I think it started out as like a cute day about love and stuff, and now it’s more about like getting things,” said Grace Black, ‘24

Every February, without fail, stores fill their isles with the same overpriced flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals.

“I feel like it’s the same thing every year. I feel like people capitalize on it a lot, like $15 for four chocolates. It makes big bank for what it is,” stated Riley Dorau, 23’.

Valentine’s Day may be bad today, but its origins are not great either. There are many different stories of how the holiday came to be, and none are completely certain. Many of these stories stem from violent or sexist traditions. The holiday started in ancient Rome, celebrating Saint Valentine. According to NPR,  it is said the original Roman celebrations included sacrificing a goat and dog then used their hides to whip women. This raises the question, is Valentine’s Day still sexist today?

“Everything is always, ‘Oh, the dude has to ask you to be his valentine, you can’t ask him.’ And then, the man is supposed to bring you flowers and not the women and like he is supposed to buy you jewelry and stuff. Which I think is a little weird, because like yeah, the man provides for everything,” Black said.

Some people believe that gift giving on Valentine’s Day is one-sided. 

“I feel like it can be very controversial. I mean, I feel like girls expect guys to get them something, but I also feel like guys should deserve to get something too,” said Dorau.

Traditionally the holiday is celebrated by couples, but a day about love should be accessible for everyone, including the single folks.

“I am indifferent towards it, I’m not bitter but, I don’t think anything of it. There’s not much for me to do, it’s not a holiday meant for me,” the single Oliver Vegara ’25 said.

According to a person’s mental health can be negatively impacted by this holiday. When seeing things all over social media, it can be easy to feel excluded from the celebration. 

“I definitely feel like people post a lot on social media about like ‘oh my boyfriend got me this, girlfriend got me that’ and at school. I feel like people who are single or don’t have many friends kind of take that like not very well. I wish somebody would get something for me or like the Valentine’s Day grams I wish somebody thought of me for that,” stated Dorau.

A day that is meant to celebrate love should be inclusive to all people. Valentine’s Day would be a better holiday if it was geared towards embracing the love for family and friends, along with significant others. Taking the day to spend with loved ones without the materialistic pressure of giving and receiving gifts.

In the end, Valentine’s day is a holiday that serves the opposite of its purpose. It has a negative impact on many and is just another excuse to sell overpriced candy. Basically what it comes down to is, Valentine’s day sucks.