Dear Influencers, Stop


Created By Jay Marren

Jay Marren, Staff Writer

Since its initial birth into existence in 2005, YouTube has quickly grown to the forefront of pop culture. Beauty gurus, gamers, vloggers and more are rising more and more as YouTube grows even larger. By watching compilations like “Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson being a mood for 5 minutes straight” or just trying to the new episode in David Dobrik’s vlog, everyone can realize that YouTubers and social media influencers gain a following like no other. However, is it too much?  Are they gaining larger followings than they deserve? As of now, it seems like YouTubers are starting to obtain too much attention.

Social media influencers rely heavily on views to gain money. Whether it’s good publicity or bad, these influencers gain views like no other when new tea spills or a drama session arises. One of the biggest scandals and viral internet occurrences in history was the infamous “Beauty Guru Dramageddon.” This massive event was when Beauty Guru Tati Westbrook told all how beauty guru James Charles deserved tone cancelled. She confessed the information that Charles was tricking straight men to date him, saying his reasons were because he was famous. This entire situation started a wildfire of controversy with James as more and more influencers came out and spoke their opinions on the topic. This event caused way too much publicity for Tati. Shown from the website Social Blade, James had one of the biggest subscriber fall outs in history, as well as one of the biggest rise in subscribers for his accuser Tati.

Infographic from SocialBlade

Tati’s subcriber count grew exponentially when the controversy occurred, raising her profile by two million subscribers.

Infographic from SocialBlade

Meanwhile, James’s subscriber count fell down by two million subscribers. For those who don’t know, subscribers are when viewers choose to follow the account as they are alerted when the influencers post. This caused for way too much attention with fans tweeting and expressing their disappointment with Charles. This conflict virally rose to headline news even with popular outlets writing about the massive ordeal.

Yes these influencers are a form of entertainment for people and it can be fun to view this drama but it can seem extremely childish when these are adults getting paychecks from these videos. These people are either in their early 20’s or their early 30’s trying to get an influencer to decrease in popularity. It feels like these adults are sent back to high school dealing in clique wars and grudges.

But we can never stop how much attention they can get or how they are perceived by their peers because it’s not a subject that normal students in Iowa can deal in. The amount of popularity these people get for just bashing each other is insane but that’s just the way their world works. Some people just won’t be anywhere near the new tea spill or “Dramageddon.”