Desire to leave a legacy


Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

As the year comes to a close, one of the stressors for me as a leader figure to some underclassmen ranks about as high as grades and finals. This year I have had the honor of being the Drama Club president, doing my best to provide a fun and accepting environment for all of the members. I’ve done my best to achieve this through games, educating members on some different aspects of theatre, and performing a one-act play. Now that the chapter is coming to the end, new leadership will be voted into office by the members, and whatever happens next is in their hands.

Though I am confident in the candidates for each office, my main concern is that myself and my fellow leaders this year were not successful in creating a strong enough foundation for next year, and the years to come after that.

Sadly, last year Drama Club ended up disbanding for a variety of reasons, so this year was essentially a fresh start, for better or worse. With this fresh start, we basically had nothing to work with from the previous year, which is why we described it as a “rebuilding year.” Though many of the ideas we had weren’t used due to time constraints or simply not having the means to do it, whatever we could do we tried.

Even doing what we were able to do and wanted to do, I still wonder if it was enough. All I desire for the current underclassmen is that they will be able to do what they want to do once they’re in charge, whether or not myself and my fellow current leaders would approve. If they want to go and see shows as a field trip or try to perform a million plays or make it 100% educational, I want them to do it and be successful.

All that really matters is enjoyment and success in the future, and I just hope that I’ve left enough of a legacy for this to happen.