District sends out email informing about potential abduction


Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

Around 7:15 a.m. on Oct. 31, two unknown Johnston students reported a potential abduction. An email was sent out to all parents and teachers from JCSD and an announcement was made to the first hour classes to double check attendance.

A long list of students was called down to the attendance office to check their lanyards. “They asked my name, then checked it off a list and told me to go back to class,” sophomore Jett Stovall said.

The email about the potential abduction stated, “The students report seeing a girl, age and name unknown, being pulled into a smaller dark-colored vehicle, similar to the size of a Chevy Cavalier. The female is Caucasian, has straight, dark hair and was wearing a hot pink sweatshirt. We do not have any further description of the vehicle at this time.”

It is not confirmed that this female is a Johnston student. It was not specified where in Johnston this incident allegedly occurred.

“We can’t make any statements,” campus monitor Jan Bjurstrom said. “The Black and White” will update as the investigation develops.