Does all water taste the same?

Kara Green, Staff Writer

Does all water taste the same? Most people would say no. I am going to be tasting and reviewing three types of water. Dasani Purified Water, Ice Mountain Spring Water, and Thirster Purified Water (the school’s water).

Spring and Purified water are different in a few ways. Spring water is classified as water that comes from a natural source and comes up to the surface of the earth. Purified water is not much different. It can come from the exact same source but has to go through more treatments to be classified as ‘pure’. An example of this is distillation and reverse osmosis.

Dasani water is a purified drinking water that is bottled by Coca-Cola. The water is tap water that is filtered (purified) and bottled. It was first launched in 1999 after Coca-Cola’s other water, Aquafina, was a success. This water is clean and clear, as water should be. At a first taste you can taste almost a semi metallic and tap water style quality. The bottle is a nice color and is packaged well with shape. It tastes good for this brand of water. 3.5/5 stars.

Ice Mountain water is a spring water that is primarily produced in the Midwest by Nestlé. This spring water comes from Sanctuary Spring in Mecosta County and/or Evart Spring in Evart. Both of springs are in Michigan. This water has a much fresher taste than purified water. It tastes cleaner than the purified although the purified water has had more done to it. The simple water is clean and fresh which it should be. The packaging is cute and attractive. The mountain and scene on the front make the bottle colorful and welcoming. Along with the cap that is easy to open the bottle is great. 4.5/5 stars for Ice Mountain.

The school sells water with school lunches. The brand they sell is Thirster. This water is distributed from Illinois and is environmentally friendly. Their company has previously claimed that the water is only purified by reverse osmosis. This water just tastes dull. There is no flavor outside of just wet and it has a subtly bad aftertaste. It has the aftertaste of almost a lead type flavor. You can tell that it has been through some process of some kind and does not taste pure. Though unless you notice it, it is refreshing. 2.5/5 stars.