Donations lead to inexpensive tickets


Students stand in line at the accounting office after school to purchase prom tickets.

Jeremy Caracci, Online Editor

Contrary to popular belief, none of the money students spend on prom tickets actually goes to the after prom event.

The price of the tickets fund the entire event. Prom tickets have stayed at this price for the past three to four years, prom committee sponsor Kyla Burns explained.

“We set it up so if we sell 600 tickets, we break even,” Burns said. “Any extra tickets sold the money goes into the senior fund and they use the extra money to pay for awards, plaques and tassels from senior class day.”

After prom is completely funded by donations. According to after prom committee co-chair Julie VanWeil the committee raised $21,400 for after prom this year. The committee relies on parent and business donations to make after prom a success.

“We send out postcards to all parents asking for a donation of $35,” VanWeil said. “We raised $11,000 dollars this year from parent contributions compared to $10,500 last year.”

Tickets were on sale from $22 to $25, depending on when they were purchased.  According to Hoover’s daily announcements, tickets at Hoover were $40 each and included “A tumbler, a key chain, and Holiday Inn festivities of food, dancing, and fun.”

Urbandale had their prom the same night as Johnston. Urbandale student body president, Quinn Prescott, said that Urbandale had tickets on sale for around $25 as well, but had to spend $45 to get into their after prom. Johnston’s after prom is free to all juniors and seniors and their dates.

“Ticket prices are set by our costs,” Burns said. “Three dollars of each ticket goes to the photographer, and the rest of the cost goes to renting Vets, the DJ, decorations etc.”

Of the $21,400 dollars the committee raised, $13,000 of that was given away as cash and prizes. Students are able to win a variety of amounts of money throughout the night with cash raffle prizes ranging from $50 to $200. Cash and prizes were available for most games. Some of the larger raffle items included a mini-refrigerator, a laptop, an iPad mini, and two TV’s. Prizes were available to only juniors and seniors.

The rest of the money was spent on decorations, inflatables, food, and the hypnotist. Fifteen student volunteers were hypnotized at the end of the night.

The after prom committee consists of several parents in the district meeting monthly to plan the event. The committee also relied on over 100 parent volunteers the night of the event to chaperone and help run some of the games.

“It’s exciting to know we’re working together for something safe and fun for all the kids,” VanWeil said.