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Dowling Catholic Shuts Out Dragons

Riley Anderson

Riley Anderson, Staff Writer

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Dowling Catholic outplayed the Dragon football team 0-27 Sept. 7 at Dragon Stadium.

“I thought the kids played hard and never quit at any point in the game, but bottom line, we didn’t execute very well as a team,” coach Brian Woodley said.


The team’s record stands at 5-1 after they added wins against Muscatine and East the last couple of weeks. The Dowling Catholic game is the only loss of the year.


Ethan Arnold ‘19, started as left guard. “I think we have a great team and we are definitely capable of beating Dowling in the playoffs. We all made costly mistakes last Friday and we have a lot to improve on,” he said.


Woodley hopes the team makes the playoffs. “Dowling, I thought, played a very sound game and took it to us,” he said. “We will learn from this and my hope is that we have a chance to play them again later in the season.”


Stats for the Dowling Catholic game:

Garrett Gehrke ‘19 had seven solo tackles during the game, and eight and a half total tackles.


Anthony Coleman ‘19, had one rush attempt While moving in a bad direction Coleman had two receptions and received 51 yards. Has one solo tackle and 1.0 total tackle. Lastly has one 25 yard kick off.


Other than Coleman carrying negative seven yards, (position) Quincy Hale’19. Hale has one rush attempt and seven yards carried.


Nick Geller ‘20, has 6 solo tackles to have the most solo tackles next to Gerhrke. Having the same amount of tackle assists as #23 Ty Puke ‘19, which was 8 tackle assists. Geller having the most total tackles being 10.0 total tackles, a close second was Gehrke having a 8.5 total tackle.

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