Dragons run the Blue Mile

Myles Glandorf, Staff Writer

While the mile is most commonly run on the track, junior Matt Tanner and sophomores Zane Johnson and Zach Smith raced it on the road.

The runners participated in the Grand Blue Mile, a mile long road race held in downtown Des Moines. The race took place on April 22.

The runners did not have to run the race, but chose to participate instead. “It’s an opportunity to get a race in (on) a week that I don’t have any meets,” Smith said. “(It helps) keep me in racing mode.”

Smith ran the one mile course in a time of 4:50. Tanner and Johnson may have finished behind Smith, but both of them ran personal records, 4:57 and 5:16 respectively.

Johnson was happy with his race, but he knows he could run faster. “(My race) could have been better,” Johnson said. “But you couldn’t change the factors that slow you down, like it’s very slow at the start because everyone’s packed together and you have to get out.”

After the individual race is over, a race for professional athletes is held on the course.

Smith enjoys getting to run at the same place Olympic caliber athletes do. “It’s just a sense that you’re running at somewhere that matters,” Smith said. “It’s part of the Drake Relays so that’s kind of cool too.”

Johnson plans on running the Blue Mile next year as well. “(I’ll) have to prepare,” Johnson said.