Madrigal: Dressed to impress


Jordan DeRoos

The seniors who make up the royal court perform at madrigal. Madrigal was held at The Bridge on Nov. 29 and 30.

Kara Green, Staff Writer

The high school’s vocal music department performed Snow White and the Seven Sprites at 2017’s madrigal dinner, continuing the annual tradition. Madrigal dinner will be held at The Bridge church. “The Madrigal Dinner is set in the Middle Ages in the form of a renaissance dinner theater,” Samantha Robillard, choir director, said. “We serve many different courses of food along with a play and singing.”

According to the choir department, Johnston has been doing the Madrigal dinner for 38 years and running. But to put on a performance such as this the choir department needs costumes. The sophomores and juniors all play peasants and wear tunics. Seniors, on the other hand, wear much more elaborate costumes. 

According to Anelise Gebard, ’18, there are several options for acquiring costumes. The mothers of choir students have costumes available, but costumes can also be rented from theatrical stores or handmade by choir students. This performance, Gebard plays the role of the queen and decided to make her own costume. In the case of the queen, there are not many costumes available. Costumes are the piece that ties madrigal together.

Cole Rixner, ’18, is participating in his first madrigal this year. Rixner plays the role of Prince Snow White, and his costume was distributed to him by a choir mother. I know some of the costumes are ordered but the choir moms do everything in distributing. They do so much good hard work,” Rixner said.

Madrigal was held at 7:30 at the Bridge on Nov. 29 and 30.