Everyone Is Dead…But It’s Not My Fault

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Copy Editor

I am at school, but I probably should not be. I have had a cough for about a week and a horrible sore throat that has affected my voice. I sound like a prepubescent teenage boy who smokes three-packs of cigarettes everyday. I went home after third hour on Wednesday and then could not come to school on Thursday. I came in today because I did not want to fall behind in my classes but the cough still persists along with the sore throat and voice.

Along with all of the worries that come with being sick, I am stressed about falling behind in school. The threat of falling behind had impacted my decision to stay home and recuperate. I came to school even though I am sick. This has caused some problems for others because I am pretty positive I got at least one other person sick. I have tried my best to sanitize my area and cover my mouth when I cough but my germs have probably spread to other people. I have a lot of people blaming me for their sickness though because they knew I can to school when I should not have. For example, Ada Basic Editor-In-Cheif of the paper. She has had a scratchy throat today and is worried that I passed whatever I have on to her. It was the newspaper staff who convinced me to take the time off that I did.

I do apologize to those who got me sick, but if I could change my decision to come to school sick. It would be the same. The learning in class does not stop for me. I will be behind in all the classes that I miss no matter the circumstance. The question is however, how hard will it be to catch up. I always think about how well I am doing in specific classes before I make any decisions to miss school. While having the reprieve of not having school is a great feeling, I can never truly get that reprieve. I am always worried about the work I missed.

A day off from school is never truly a day off from school, unless everyone has that day off. Being sick at school sucks because you could be getting your peers sick, and may not be at the top of your game to be learning content. However, I believe it is better t go to school sick instead of stay home and fall behind.