Fake Pockets are Irritating

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Copy Editor

Jeans are a common outfit choice among the general population. They are comfy, stylish and pretty much go with everything. They also come with storage space called pockets, or at least they use to.

The other day, I threw on a new pair of jeans I had gotten from Target and pick up my phone to place in the pocket, only to find that the pockets was not real. I was genuinely disappointed with the discovery because it derailed my entire day. I had to toss my phone in my backpack and then each time I needed to grab it, I had to dig it out from the bottom of my bag. I got so frustrated that I began to just carry it in my hand but I accidentally left it in another class, because I did not grab it. So I was back to tossing it in my bag. The fact that my pants had no real pockets derailed my entire day.

A lot of pockets on female jeans are either really small or just non-existent. A lot of my jeans are included in this group. Many other columnists have touched on this subject and found reasons, like stylists and outfitters do not include functional pockets for the betterment of the style of the Jean. However, when I buy jeans I expect them to have pockets.

In this day and age, when we have the technology we do, we need to have a place to carry on ourselves instead of just carrying them by hand. A comeback to this plea could be that we have the ability to carry around purses and handbags, but honestly so do guys. However, purses and handbags do not leave a phone readily accessible. In most cases it is quite a hassle to get a phone out of a bag.

I honestly believe that the argument of pocket size could be comparable, and is extremely similar to that of gender equality. Men do not have the problem of small or non-existent pockets. They have never had to experience life without functioning pockets. Whereas, females have had to struggle and plea for the clothing industry to even consider the change in the normal style of a Jean.

The next time a female friend gushes over her dress having pockets or how large the pockets are in her pants. Please be more understanding about how uncommon that is. The industry is beginning to make alterations in accordance to the demand but it is still a work in progress. Hopefully in the near future pockets would not be one of the hot topics in our society.